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a sexy filthy beast

Hello. I'm a member of the Phantom Planet Family and as I was reading the current issue of 'Band in the USA' I found an interesting quote from Hobo Alex himself, enjoy.

"By the way, I have peanut butter in my long ass hair. I was bending over to consolidate the peanut butters and I put the fork in my mouth, but I also put the hair in the fork in my mouth. Now it's like a dreadlock. Everybody already thinks I'm a filthy beast, so I guess this is proof..."
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i think it's safe to say that I LOVE HIM. hahaha.
my friend thought he meant he had peanut butter in his long asshair. she was disgusted until i told her what he meant. hah.
that would be me. it was EXTREMELY relieving to know alex in fact does not have long hair with peanut butter on his ass.
why?! i'm a peanut butter fiend WITH longass hair and yet i've NEVER gotten peanut butter in my hair. he's an odd, odd hobo.
Ahhhhhh! your iconnn! that is love.
why, yes, that is my husband. thank you for asking.

alright, he's not actually my husband. but i have been VERY good this year and if Santa knows what's good for him, then i will wake up to a bit o' TK under the tree wearing nothing but a santa hat and a guitar and singing Don't Make Love So Hard.
OH DAMN. that'd be so good.
I had to read that a few times. I couldn't figure out if he meant that his hair is long ass and had peanut butter in it. Or, if he had peanut butter on long ass hair. And if it was the latter, I couldn't understand why he'd want to publicize the fact that he has long ass hair, let along that he has long ass hair with peanut butter on it.