jesus the mexican boy (ooonoodle) wrote in alexanderrrr,
jesus the mexican boy

hold up

i see that the post attacking me has been deleted for reasons unbeknownst to anyone but the deleters themselves.

you do not know me; i do not know you.
you do not know who likes me and who does not; whom i am friends with and whom i am not friends with.

if you did, you would have to shamefully scrape up that pile-o-crap that you just posted and be forced to eat it for dinner.

do me a favor.
carefully read the album sleeve on january 6th.
my name is natalie L.

do me another favor: if you want to see obsession, read your own journals with the eye of an outsider. you will understand why i commented on it in the first place.
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get over yourself.
maybe you should listen to your own advice.
I don't know what i could have possibly done to make me seem stuck up.
you must be obsessed to :
a. join the community (which happens to be a joke in the first place)
b. get so worked up about something
c. shove it in our faces that your on the album cover to show off
d. respond
you obviously care a lot to make an effort to join the community as well as post in it. if you didnt care, and weren't obsessed, you wouldnt have joined in the first place.
i dont think anyone here really cares who you are friends with and who you are not friends with or who likes you and who doesnt.

but you dont have to be so mean. this whole community was a joke. if you thought it was so stupid, why would you join it and post in it?
please please answer that.


December 18 2003, 18:19:03 UTC 13 years ago

darn, seeing your picture will ruin the album sleeve!
and who exactly are you addressing when you speak about obsession?