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South Coast...

so i had to del the other entry so here i go again.

lets just have fun and talk/comment/ducess alex.


these are from the


show back in september.

fun stuff.

- the people pushing and so on. but then again its normal.

- alex show me your weinner

and some other things.

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that was such a good show.
good times.
freakin nice! i love the black and whites. i assure you if anyone takes these you will be credited.
haha. if people take them i will be credited becuase i taged them. i seriously hat doing that. i think it makes the picture look funny. but thanks. there was this other picture of alex croud surfing. gotta tag it before i post it. but it will be posted soon enough.

n thanks for the kind words. its what i do.
that was such a fun show! ooo, i love your photos. don't worry, i won't steal. they bring back such nice memories of music in a parking lot. good times, good times.
indeedy. i dont care if people take as long as i get credit.