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sexy bum

HI everyone I just joined
my friend made the icon of the electrical tape on alex's pants haha
at the dallas show alex of course in the middle of the song said 'you guys want me to dance right' and started dancing like a monkey. then when there was nothing to hang on he said ARE YOU PEOPLE FEELING STRONG and made the right side of the club cup their hands in the air and walked on their hands to the balcony in the back where he climbed on. at the soundcheck they did groove is in the heart. also at souncheck he didnt wear the germany shirt but changed to it for the show, of course.

PS- if you like damian kulash ( and perhaps also little tennis) join damiankulashfan
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hi gal! man that's the second monkey reference we've had in this community. pretty soon we'll all start believing he's a monkey.
at least we know he doesnt have long hair on his ass with peanut butter!